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Standpoint of Hungarian parties of the South regarding territorial autonomy

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1. Hungarians are original inhabitants of the South so all collective rights being due to any other folks are due in whole extent also to them in Serbia. Though the efforts for survival of Hungarians in the South show some results on some areas but it is clear that all these are not enough. At time of disannex of the South there lived on this area about half million Hungarians and for to day this number has decreased on the half.

2. The institution of Hungarian National Council (HNC) works for 11 years in Serbia. Also beside HNC incarnating some form of autonomy of personal principle and of culture the total number of Hungarians in the South heve decreased by more than 40 thousands people in the last 40 years. The act about national councils can help for survival mainly in Hungarian communities in dispersion.

3. In legal system of Serbia it will be built in shortly the concept of territorial autonomy. The so called Agreement of Bruxelles made between of governments in Beograd resp. in Pristina schedules the formation of community of villages with Serbian majority in North-Kosovo. The following areas will be supervised in whole extent by the community: economical development, education, health care, town- and village-planning. Further jurisdiction and work of police organs will be regulated a special way.

4. The Hungarians in the South are before a historical possibility. Before connection to the European Union it would be possible to regularize the question of Hungarians in Serbia. After eventual connection it would be more less eventual no possibility of it.

5. Set out from right of people to self-determination of nations we request the formation of territorial autonomy in region inhabitated by Hungarian majority without disintegration of territorial unity of Serbia. Aim of the autonomy is to save Hungarians annected to Serbia, stop decrease of population and become to citizen with whole rights in Serbia.

6. The progarm for formation a Hungarian Autonomious Region worked out with endorsement of Hungarian organs for foreign affairs was accepted by parties of the former Hungarian Coalition alliance for election so also by Hungarian Alliance in Vojvodina having also now members in Serbian parliament. But it is regrettable that said partie didn't made efforts to implement the program.

7. Seing the Agreement of Bruxelles the Hungarian community in Serbia deserves also an autonomy of the kind what is demanded to ensure for Serbian national community in Kosovo. We draw the attention of Serbian government to stop use of a double measure and to carry out an open dialogue in this question.

8. We request the strong support of the prevailing Hungarian government – in given case also with a veto of connection of Serbia to EU – to guaranty self-determination of Hungarians in Serbia and to form their territorial autonomy. At the same time we request also to follow the course of constitutional supervision of act about national councils because it is feared that authorities of national councils having also now deficient competencies are threatened to be decreased.

9. Subsribing parties have the opinion that it must be commenced to work out more detailed the existing draft of Hungarian Autonomous Region with participation of Hungarian government and of Hungarian parties and organisations in the South and it must be demanded a hearing at leaders of Serbian state.

Magyar Remény Mozgalom – László Bálint, elnök

Magyar Polgári Szövetség – Rácz Szabó László, elnök

Vajdasági Magyarok Demokratikus Közössége – Csonka Áron, elnök, 2013. augusztus 30. [08:06]

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